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Reasons Why Pet Food Is Expensive

Having a pet such as a cat or dog at home helps us a little to relieve stress after a long day at the office from kadlecmichal online. When we open the door of the house and this furry creature greets us with its innocent eyes and distinctive voice, it makes us want to immediately hug it. These are some of the pleasures we feel when we have pets.
However, behind the soft fur of our cat or dog, behind the chubby cheeks, behind the fat belly, there is a pot of money that we have to spend every month. And the number is not small, especially if our pets come from certain breeds. I myself have two female Persian cats at home. Every month my family and I have to dig deep into our pockets to buy everything we need. Starting from cat litter, to food for one month.

I’m just one of the many people out there who owns a pet of a certain breed. There is one question that always rings in my head: why is my pet’s food more expensive than my daily food?

As reported by Vox, cat food is actually not that expensive. However, what makes our pockets have to swallow a bitter pill are other additional things. For example, if our cat or dog gets bored quickly, is picky about food, and doesn’t want food, of course this makes us look for ways to get them to eat. Not to mention additional snacks, grooming costs, supporting vitamins, and costs for going to the doctor when my pet is sick. Of course, this requires quite a bit of money. Yes, we are really willing to spend a lot of money because we are so obsessed with them.

Like any good company, pet food manufacturers know their customers well; they know that humans love their animals and will do many things for them. So another reason why pet companies charge exorbitant fees is because we are bound to buy them for the good of our pets.

The company also knows that people are paying more attention to what is in pet food, because most of the pet’s time is spent at home. Owners are increasingly choosing foods that are similar to what they might buy for themselves–organic, non-GMO, vegan, and so on. All pet owners want the best for their beloved pets.

It is suspected that pet food is expensive due to the limited number of pet food producers. A lack of competition in an industry can be bad for consumers and bad for prices. So people definitely only have limited choices when it comes to buying food for their pets, and ultimately choose one that has guaranteed authenticity, nutritional quality and the ingredients used. Instead of buying pet food that doesn’t have a name yet.

So, does the more expensive a pet food determine its quality? Amazingly, there isn’t much research comparing the cost of dog or cat food with animal health outcomes. According to veterinary nutritionist at the University of Georgia, Joseph Bartges, expensive food does not necessarily mean it is better and there are no good studies evaluating this.

However, pet owners should still pay attention to the quality of their pet’s food. For example, as reported by The Spruce Pets, cats do not need carbohydrates, even though corn, wheat and rice are used as ingredients in canned and dry cat food. The basic nutritional needs that roro4d cats need are protein from meat, fish or poultry sources called taurine, essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and certain other fatty acids. So if cat food contains this composition, that’s enough, there’s no need to buy expensive ones.

However, the premium pet food industry is unlikely to decline for the next few decades and they will continue to do so. “The appeal of more expensive food is that pet owners treat their beloved pets properly because they like them. Even though the pets themselves don’t care what they eat,” concluded Nestle Purina.

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